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Sleep Expert was designed to help you wake at a specific time ensuring a good night's rest.

Calculate Sleep Time

Sleep Expert helps you decide when to go to bed so that you can wake at a specific time ensuring a good night's rest, or what time you should wake up if you want to go to bed right now.

  • Wake Up

    Select when you want to wake up

  • Best time to go to sleep

    Calculate your best time to go to sleep

  • Best time to wake up

    Calculate the best time to wake up


Track and Analyze Your Sleep

If you want to determine your real sleep cycles - our Sleep Tracker functionality allows you to track and analyze your sleep and shows you your sleep progress.

  • Analyze your Sleep

    See when you were in light, deep or REM (dream) sleep phase and the breakdown of your sleep cycles

  • Snoring Detection

    Snoring/noise detection can be enabled for further sleep analysis

  • Smart Alarm

    Our brand new Smart Alarm will wake you up easy in the lightest sleep phase, making sure you wake up easy and rested.



Download Sleep Expert today to see the benefits and enjoy the results faster than any other app out there

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